The lab is involved in many projects and often we develop tools to do some anlyses. You can find here several Matlab functions that we use. Please cite us if the function is referenced into an article.


LIMO EEG : an EEGLAB plug-in allowing to analyse all electrodes and time frames at one using hierarchical modeling and robust statistics.

Robust correlation toolbox: allows checking for univariate and bivariate outliers and perform percentage bend and skipped correlations

SPM U+ currently a suite a scripts to get the most (plus) of your mass univariate analyses, using SPM.

Other useful Scripts


- Easy_volume: (SPM5/SPM8 tool) computes the total volume of grey and white matters based on normalized/segmented/modulated images but also partial volumes based in ROI created via other utilities (simply call the function in the matlab command window or create a folder Easy_volume in SPMX/toolbox/ with this function in it; you will then be able to call the function via the SPM toolbox pulldown menu) - inputs must be segmented/modulated images produced by SPM. Thanks for acknowleging this tool if you use partial volume computations (see message in the command window when you use the tool).

- Gp_compare: based on the metric used in the vbm5 toolbox allows comparing two groups relative to the mean (default) or any other images (call the function via the Matlab command window)


- Easy_ROI: SPM2/SPM5/SPM8 toolbox ; simply unzip in the toolbox directory and call it via the pulldown menu. This ROI tool is based on the VOI button - from the SPM table result, select a coordinate and call the sript, this will return averages and the 1st eigen values across voxels per scan and across scans for any images you are prompted to select.