Cyril Pernet
Andrew Stewart
Anna Jones
Matina Tsiora


Dr Cyril Pernet: Academic fellow and fMRI manager at BRIC. Dr Cyril Pernet is the director of the LCL.

Andrew Stewart: P:ost-doc in the lab working on imporving the LINO EEG toolbox

Anna Jones: SINAPSE PhD student under the SPIRIT scheme. Anna is a speech and language therapist working with Aphasic patients. Her work aims testing the benefit of home computer assisted therapy in Aphasia and investigate new therapeutic avenues. Among them, Anna is investigating the interaction between mechanisms underlying sound, phoneme and voice perception.

Matina Tsiora PhD student with Dr Douglas Potter art the university of Dundee, Matina is working on attentional processes in the auditory system using fMRI and EEG.