Sharing data & code for Reproducible NeuroImaging


Dates and locations

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Monday 25 September 2017 - University of Oxford

Wednesday 27 September 2017 - University of Birmingham

Friday 29 September 2017 - University of Glasgow


Who for?

NeuroImaging researchers who

1 - already have imaging data (MRI primarily/MEEG)

2 - code /want to code to share & collaborate.



Morning dedicated to data sharing: Brain Imaging Data Structure.

Afternoon: Good practices to code and Good coding practices



Attendants must come with a laptop and data.

Teaching is computer language non-specific.


Who by?

Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski      


Dr K. Gorgolweski                  Dr C. Pernet                  Dr S. Manohar

Stanford University      University of Edinburgh     University of Oxford



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