My Statistics pages

I'm always interested by various aspects of statistics, often intersected with signal processing - some of these thoughts found there way on my blog

Linear Algebra

An introduction to vectors is provided, helping to understand the relationship between geometry and algebra. A short text reviewing basic matrix operations is also available.

Pretty much all of the statistics and image/signal processing can be performed using vector/matrix operation - MIT offers an excellent course for free

General linear modeling

All pages were generated with Matlab, i.e. everything in it is usable as such, providing codes to work with. These pages provide an overview of the use of matrices to solve regressions and ANOVAs.

The GLM page explains what is a linear system and how to solve simple and multiple regressions and ANOVA. All of this is performed using standard linear algebra, ie matrix inversion.

Stats jargon and other things one may want/need to understand

Everything you always wanted to ask about linear independence, orthogonalitity and correlation .. in a bit more than a one page article. I also wrote something on what makes a contrast orthogonal.

Signal processing

Random number generation websites (1; 2)

Fourrier analyses: here is a pdf with code that explains how Fourrier analyses work and things you can do (you can can also download the matlab source code and .wav .jpg used)