For many courses, we need to know about maths, signal processing and psychology / medicines / neurobiology - here are some links to free on line courses

- programming:
- linear algebra lectures of Prof. Gilbert Strang from MIT (MIT Open courseware) are very useful for neuroimaging and stats
- many courses are also listed and available @ and @

Also checkout the on-line MSc in neuroimaging from The University of Edinburgh - it offers very flexible scheme to learn over several years taking few modules at a time

You might find some interest in the lectures below

Introduction to MEEG
Introduction to MRI Physics and fMRI BOLD
Multimodal imaging and the neural basis of EEG and fMRI

General LInear Model - Matlab application

fMRI data preprocessing
fMRI mass univariate stats and inference
fMRI connectivity

General LInear Model - Matlab application
Signal Processing: Fourrier Analysis and Application
Experiment programming: introduction to psychophysical toolbox